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This site is required to inform you of the use of cookies for statistical purposes. The data thus obtained aims to allow various measures of attendance, in particular thanks to Google Analytics. These data are needed to study traffic on this website.

A cookie is a small file, which does not allow the identification of the user, but which records information about the navigation of a computer on a site, on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone).

The Google Analytics tool is deployed on this site, and some information collected is transmitted to Google data collected through cookies deposited by this site are collected by Google Analytics.

We invite you to refer to the Google Analytics Cookies Explained Page for more information information.

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The latest European legislation in the context of the protection of personal data on the Internet gives you the right to manage the data stored and used by a third party website via cookies, although that their presence is generally of no consequence. You have the possibility to block some or all cookies or delete those already installed on your device.

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