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Passionate and inspired,
we put technology at the service of creation to achieve unique digital experiences.


Our agency claims UX-First positioning.
We believe that the user comes first.

Since 10 years, we like to capitalize on the usage and the content to make the difference.
The best technology is the one that fades away to give way to the relevance.
This is what we like to call: creative technology.

We step into the user's shoes,
imagine his daily life, his little habits, his desires, his constraints,
to finally find the idea that will convince him to choose you and no one else.

  • Brand strategy
  • UX-First approach
  • Market analysis
  • Portals & Websites
  • Mobile & Tablets Solutions
  • Innovative services
  • Connected devices
  • Brand content
  • Social media strategy
  • Community Analysis


With two agencies located in the Reunion Island and in Mauritius, CARI Agency is a full-service social media marketing agency. Web design, iOS development, ecommerce development, website development, social media campaigns - we helped you create, design and manage campaigns that deliver inspiring results.

Our core business value is to ensure that every campaign is a success. We also offer highly personalized services because we at CARI Agency understand that digital marketing is a matter of leadership and of communication. We are here to enhance your business.

Our clients range from small startups and leading brands to non-profit organizations. Whether you’re looking to promote your B2B marketing or simply want to extend your customer base and boost your sales online, we are here to help you meet your business goals.

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